Shenseea & Prince Pine Dated, Singer Talks ‘Side Chick’ History

Shenseea & Prince Pine Dated, Singer Talks ‘Side Chick’ History


Shenseea opens up about her past relationship with comedian ‘Prince Pine’, In an interview with the star, the dancehall artist mentioned that her music is largely based on her personal experiences and relationships.

“I get inspiration from what I go through and sometimes what I see other people going through. I sing a lot about relationships,” she said pointing out that her song Perfect Side Chick was about her relationship with Prince Pine.

She further added that he was her first love and that they’re now good friends.

“That was personal for me. I was with a guy about three years ago and at the time, I think this guy was my first love which is Prince Pine. I did that song for Prince Pine and I wrote it from about 2016. When people listen that song they can really pinpoint what really went down,” said Shenseea.

She implied that she was in love with him but he wasn’t as fond of her, she went on to further explain.

“It’s merely about the fact that you love somebody and then dem kinda love you back, but dem nah really give you the treatment yuh supposed to get. It was just like that. Me nah go say him did a treat me bad and all that because we were together for like a year and we were back and forth, back and forth,” she explained. “That’s where the perfect side chick concept came up, through the back and forth. We were trying to fit things back but it was never the same.”


July 25th, 2018

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